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How long does a wedding ceremony last ?

Marriage is an important step in a person’s life process. Its organization requires certain arrangements to be made because it is a matter of timing. For a successful organization, it is important to control the number of times that the different stages of the ceremony will last. In order to help you better plan this important day in your life, we give you some details on the average duration of a wedding ceremony.

The duration of a Catholic wedding ceremony

The big day of your wedding ceremony is fast approaching, and you are busy sending the invitation cards to your guests. If it is a Catholic wedding, you must determine the exact duration of the celebration in order to notify the guests and to allocate the times well.

To do this, it would first be necessary to determine whether it is a simple blessing or a Eucharistic Mass. In the first case, the celebration will only last about 40 minutes since one of you is not a Catholic. There will therefore not be the Eucharist (communion). In the second case, you both practice the Catholic religion. A Eucharistic Mass will therefore be organized for you (with communion). In this configuration, the celebration will last about an hour or even an hour and a half. It can also last two hours long if the celebration is crowned with the ceremony of laying a floral wreath at the feet of the Virgin Mary.

The duration of a marriage ceremony in other monotheistic religions

Apart from the Catholic religion, there are other monotheistic religions that organize wedding ceremonies. These are mainly religions: Muslim, Protestant, Jewish, Orthodox. For the case of these different religious beliefs, the duration of the wedding ceremony usually varies between 45 minutes and an hour of time. This period may vary slightly depending on the practices and considerations adopted from one religion to another.

This is the case, for example, in the Protestant Baptist, Lutheran, or other religions. For a Jewish celebration, for example, the nuptial ceremonies take place in several phases and begin the day before. The celebration in the temple usually lasts an hour.

The shortest celebration in terms of duration is undoubtedly that of the Muslim religion. It most often brings together the future spouses, the two witnesses, and a few close relatives and friends. It usually lasts about thirty minutes.

The duration of a civil marriage celebration

Many people tend to favor religious marriage over civil marriage. However, the latter is just as essential. While it is possible to do without a religious wedding, the civil ceremony is an essential step.

The civil marriage ceremony is the shortest of all. It usually lasts about twenty minutes. However, it may vary depending on certain circumstances.

It lasts about 20 minutes if you do not know the Mayor or his representative personally. If you personally know the Mayor or his representative, the latter can make the ceremony last and make it more beautiful and more convivial. It can therefore last 30 to an hour of time.