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What is a web agency ?

A web agency is a structure specializing in communication on the internet. Therefore, their main mission is to support clients in the creation and promotion of websites. There are several web agencies these days. These are distinguished by their skills and therefore by the services they offer. We will discuss these different types of web agencies and what they offer.

The different types of web agencies

Web agencies differentiate themselves on the basis of 2 main factors. These are the degree of specialization and the degree of technicality. Depending on the degree of specialization, a distinction is made between specialized web agencies and so-called full-service agencies. Specialized agencies are, as their name suggests, specialized in a specific area of ‚Äč‚Äčinternet communication.

This could, for example, be the creation of a particular type of website or a particular web marketing approach. Otherwise, it could be areas like SEO or affiliate. Next to these specialized agencies, you have full-service web agencies. These have a general approach that encompasses all facets of a web project. In terms of technicality, on the one hand, there are web agencies geared towards strong web development expertise.

On the other hand, you have agencies that have a more web marketing and website promotion-oriented approach. However, with the fact that website creation is more and more accessible today, many web agencies now specialize in marketing and promotion. They are therefore responsible for offering customers internet development strategies that are each more innovative than the next.

Services offered by a web agency

Whether specialized or full-service, a web agency offers certain basic services to its clients. Among these services, there is firstly the implementation and management of the design of a website or any other digital project. This service is provided by the web project manager who is generally the agency coordinator.

In addition to implementing and managing the design of projects, the web agency also offers services that promote increased turnover through marketing operations or winning new clients. Within the web agency, this service is ensured by the business developer, who often has the spirit of negotiation.

As another service, you have the visual creation of a company’s media. This can be a website, brochures, or posters among others. This creation is provided by a graphic designer and is generally made on the basis of the client’s graphic charter.

A web agency also offers the concrete design of:

  • a website,
  • a business software or
  • a mobile application.

This mission within the agency is handled by a web developer. He is also one of the most technical profiles of a web agency. The last service that a web agency will offer you is the management of online promotional campaigns. Said management is carried out by a traffic manager.

The latter is not only responsible for setting up a strategy, but also for ensuring its technical implementation, its implementation and analyzing the results on the basis of certain criteria.