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How to install a swimming pool pump ?

With the main role of ensuring the circulation of water in the hydraulic circuit, the pump is an essential device for the proper functioning of a swimming pool. Do you want to install a swimming pool pump in your home but do not know how? So here is the best way to do it.

Prepare the tools and accessories necessary for the installation of the pump

For the successful installation of your swimming pool pump, it is important that you have it available to you. To better organize the accessories, you just need to categorize them into three parts. The first part concerns the hydraulic circuit around the pump. Thus, you will need very rigid PVC pipes with a diameter between 50 and 63 mm. These hoses will allow you to connect the suction and delivery devices to your pump.

Depending on the installation diagram defined for the pump, you may also need elbows, curves, or even tees. The manifold and the valves are also to be placed on the hydraulic circuit side. As for the second part, it relates to the cutting of the pipes. So, you will need:

  • a pencil, a tape measure and a rag
  • sandpaper, a stripper and a saw
  • blue glue and sealing tape.

The third part concerns the pump itself. For this, you will need two unions and lag screws compatible with the pump support and some lock washers.

The next step is to position the swimming pool pump correctly. To achieve this, you must ensure that the pump and filtration system are close to the pond. The goal is to reduce any pressure drops on the hydraulic circuit while benefiting from more efficient filtration. However, it will also be necessary to ensure compliance with the electrical standard NF C15-1OO. It requires that the pump be installed at least approximately 3.5 m from the pool.

Ensure the connections and connections

One of the best ways to successfully install your pool pump is to carefully read the instructions in the manufacturer’s manual. The advantage is that it allows you to better coordinate the different stages of this installation. However, here is a method that can help you easily install your pool pump.

Take the time to properly assemble the pump devices

As the pump is linked to the filter as well as to the hydraulic circuit of the swimming pool, you must ensure that they are correctly positioned. You must also make sure that the broom intake pipes, the skimmers, as well as the bottom hopper, reach the technical room. Next, be sure to apply Teflon tape to the unions.

Connect the pump to the vacuum cleaner

You must first assemble the feeder by gluing the three valves that are the bottom jump, the skimmer, and the broom plug. The caps must also be glued to the different ends of the said nurse. You can now proceed to the suction/pump connection by unscrewing the three unions of the manifold. These must be glued as well as the three arrived. Also, take care to glue each part of the connection of the filter/pump connection.

Make the electrical connection

Rather, it is recommended that you call in a professional if you do not have an electrical qualification. However, you must connect the pool pump to the earth using a 1 mm² 3G cable specifically of type H07RN-F. Also, consider 30mA differential protection against short circuits.