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Which software to create a chatbot with java ?

A chatbot is a software used to simulate a conversation with users. It is often used on certain platforms or websites. There are tools that allow you to program a chatbot with a programming language like Java. Without further ado, here are the best chatbot tools that you can use to create your virtual assistant on java!

Use AIML to create a java chatbotĀ 

AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) is an XML dialect for creating software agents in natural language. This chatbot tool internally uses an NLP (Natural Language Processing) system. The latter makes it possible to interpret human interactions and respond with precise information. It contains the ground rules that the Natural Language Understanding (NLU) uses internally.

It is important to know how to differentiate between NLP and NLU. NLP refers to all systems that work together to manage end-to-end interactions between machines and humans. In other words, NLP allows people and machines to talk to each other “naturally”. NLU is actually a subset of NLP which is larger. It helps analyze unstructured entries. These are among others pronunciation errors, inverted words, contractions, colloquialisms.

Develop a chatbot with Dialogflow

Dialogflow is a natural language understanding platform. This chatbot tool for Java facilitates the design and integration of a conversational user interface. With Dialogflow, your users will interact with your product in a simple and innovative way.

Dialogflow can analyze several types of input from your customers, including text or audio input. It can also respond to your customers in different ways, with text or by voice message.

Use Microsoft Bot Framework for chatbot creation

Microsoft Bot Framework connectors allow you to deploy chatbots to websites and applications. It has two main components: channel connectors and BotBuilder SDKs. Channel connectors allow you to connect the chatbot to messaging channels.

You can use the BotBuilder SDKs to implement business logic in the chatbot. Additionally, BotBuilder SDKs support Java versions. BotBuilder comes with an emulator for local debugging and viewing conversations. This is very useful for developers during development.

It is very easy to connect the Bot Builder SDK with any Natural Language Understanding (NLU) service. Bot Builder SDK’s GitHub account has lots of code samples and templates. These can help you to quickly start creating the chatbot.

SAP Conversational AI to create your chatbot

SAP Conversational AI is an end-to-end chatbot platform for the enterprise. Spend less time developing bots with chatbots preconfigured for specific industries. This helps reduce the integration time and accelerate the deployment.

SAP Conversational AI supports channels like:

  • Web,
  • Cisco Spark,
  • Kik,
  • Line,
  • Messenger,
  • Skype (via Microsoft Azure).

SAP Conversational AI chatbot tool provides an SDK for Java. It also provides an SDK for iOS. It has a limited free version for non-commercial use.


Now, you know the best software to use to create a chatbot on Java. You can use them and benefit fro an effective robot assistant.