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What is the most common goal of search engine optimization poisoning ?

To improve the positioning of their website in search engines, website owners make use of SEO. But despite all the benefits of SEO, hackers use it for negative ends. This is the level of search engine optimization poisoning also known as SEP. What then is the main goal of search engine poisoning?

Search engine improvement (SEO)

We cannot talk about the goal of search engine optimization poisoning without first addressing the principle of SEO. Indeed, intoxication by search engine optimization is effective thanks to natural referencing. SEO is a process of improving a website’s placement by using ideal keywords. It allows website owners to display their sites in the first results offered by Google to Internet users. Likewise, natural referencing is generally used by legitimate sites which offer mainly legal services.

Moreover, hackers who are known to poison private data have now become SEO corrupting agents. To do this, they invented SEP which is of course the opposite of SEO. What then is its most common goal?

The flagship goal of search engine optimization poisoning

The goal of search engine optimization poisoning is to improve the ranking of malicious sites in search engines. Hackers use the same information offered by legitimate sites, including their keywords. These malicious sites, in addition to being full of false information, also bundle malware. As a web user, if Google offers these websites to you, you will visit the page unknowingly thinking that it is, in fact, the ideal site. As soon as you access these malicious websites, hackers gain access to all of your personal data on your phone or PC. Likewise, the various incompatible software that these sites include will naturally be installed on your computer. Since this different software does not have any advantageous functionality, they have a negative impact on your computer system.

In addition, poisoning by the use of natural referencing is becoming more and more widespread and is claiming a lot of victims elsewhere. Fortunately, there are, of course, very easy methods to put into practice to thwart the clever plans of hackers. What then are these methods?

Techniques to avoid search engine optimization poisoning

It is true that search engines must ensure the protection of Internet users. But if they don’t deliver effectively, it’s because there are some very bad MS sites out there. Therefore, as an Internet user, you can already take certain precautions against MS sites. For it :

  • Before looking for a site, always check if your antivirus program is up to date. So in case you click on the wrong site, your computer will be protected.
  • Failing to rely on the results offered by Google, look for a popular site with its URL.
  • Always activate the security settings of your browser.

Here are some ways to stay safe from search engine optimization poisoning.