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How to repair your patio ?

The terrace is the right place to spend peaceful and calm moments in good company. However, over time, this relaxation area can show some deterioration due to climatic hazards. In the event of damage, it is therefore essential to carry out repairs. Here are some tips for effectively repairing your patio!

Repairing a concrete or cement terrace

Over time, concrete or cemented surfaces crack. To remedy this deterioration of the floor, you must follow certain phases.

The first step is to check the level of disrepair. Use a hammer and lightly tap the ground with the tool. Usually, damaged parts sound hollow as if there was a void. After checking the condition of your floor, push the rust out of your surface. This step consists of removing all traces of oxidation. Then equip yourself with a pair of gloves, a wire brush, an anti-corrosion solution, and a paintbrush. After cleaning the surface, apply the anti-corrosion solution using the brush.

The next step will be to close the cracks with mortar. Clean their edges and wet them to prepare the surface for the application of the mortar. Now use the mortar to glue the crack. To successfully close, you must use a spatula and a brush. The finish will thus be at the limit of perfect. The last step is to use an epoxy repair kit. At this point, you should refer to the indications for the use of the said kit.

Filling the tiles on a terrace

The best way to repair patio tile is to patch it up. The trick to use is very simple and does not require a lot of effort. It consists of using plaster to close the cracks in the tiles. First, remove any impacts from the cracked tile and apply the sealer to the damaged surface. Finally, flatten it using a mason’s knife.

Repairing a crack in a strip of wood on your patio

To recap a blade of wood, you must make wood pulp. Get the appropriate equipment. This is a container and a teaspoon of fine sawdust. Use that same spoon to pour wood glue into the container. Finally, use a wooden stick to mix these two components.

After making the dough, you can start filling the crack. First, you have to smear the cracked area with a dab of paste using a metal spatula. Second, you need to smooth out using the same spatula. This allows the paste to soak up properly in the crack.

It is then essential to let the dough dry for a day. During dewatering, you must gently brick the clogged part. This sanding will be done with fine-grained sandpaper. Finally, a small brush should be used for painting the covered area. The color of the stain used should be similar to that of the other boards on your deck.