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Which two steps of project team building are out of sequence ?

For the success of a project, it is important to build a good team, because it is this which strongly influences its success. If said team is not performing to the best of its ability, even though the project is well-defined, it may not meet its goals. So it is important, even crucial, to know how to build a good, competent and efficient team that can deliver the various tasks through a well-defined life cycle. Here are two basic steps in building a project team.

Choose a project manager

The first step in forming a project team is to choose the one who will be at the head of this project. Being a professional in project management, the leader in question will punctuate the daily life of the project that will be entrusted to him. He will be in charge of the management of the team made up of professionals who have various skills, and he will have to report on each stage of the project to the hierarchy which entrusted it to him. Throughout the project, the project manager will have to plan and supervise the various activities, from development to closure.

He can be chosen internally or outside the structure, however he will truly be the professional figure who guides and directs the project team in achieving each of the defined objectives. In this vein, the project manager will ensure that deadlines are met as well as the quality of the project without of course omitting the various costs defined. The responsibilities of the project manager are numerous, and they can vary from one organization to another.

How to choose a project manager?

Faced with this diversity of responsibilities, it is important to entrust the project to a person with the skills and aptitudes necessary to lead a team. It will be important to know how to choose the right project manager before the constitution of a team is carried out. Generally, three categories of skills are required:

  • leadership skills,
  • technical skills in project management,
  • strategic and managerial skills.

Once you have clearly identified the leader you want to have for your project, you can then move on to constituting the potential members of the project team.

Building the project team: Forming

This step called “Forming” will consist in setting up the project team by the leader and the committee governing the project. Each member is chosen according to their skills, the needs and the objectives of the project. As coordinator, the project manager ensures that the team to be set up is as qualitative and as competitive as possible. During this phase of constitution, the members will have to gauge themselves, discover themselves and get to know each other.

Also, everyone will learn about the missions assigned to them as well as those defined for others. In this step each member must play his own card, because the achievement of the global objective depends on it. The success of the forming stage is based on the ability of various personalities to collaborate effectively under the leadership and posture of their leader.