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How much does a private driver cost ?

Many private drivers in the car market offer car rental. Thus making themselves available to drive individuals in their shopping (shopping, weddings, tourist visits, etc.), they charge relatively acceptable prices. However, the prices they charge are neither fixed nor standard, because they vary from one service provider to another. You will learn more by reading this content.

The type of car of your choice

Thinking of renting a car is like imagining one that you would have liked to have for yourself. The idea is to imagine yourself in the back seat of your own car. When you aspire to own a shiny premium class, it goes without saying that the vehicle (Limousine, Corvette, Roll Royce, etc.) for rent reflects your criteria.

Obviously, the taste for luxury weighs inevitably in the invoicing, because in addition to the dream to be realized the driver must have the style which goes with the desired class. And it is not him, the super-smart driver, who will not take his elegance into account when estimating the hourly costs to be paid to him. It goes without saying that the price to pay varies from one rental car house to another depending on the options you have to choose from.

For which event?

Pricing depends on the type of occasions for which the rental of a car is essential. Is it the new year, the Super Bowl, any other annual national celebration, or a wedding, etc. ? So it is often that during such great celebratory opportunities, the prices are high, even going from single to double.

Suddenly, while you expected to pay the regular hourly cost, the suddenly unanimous market is waving sky-high flat rates. As the bargaining becomes necessary, you will be asked to discuss the costs that are profitable to each of the parties to the contract. This is not all because, in such circumstances where demand is high, prices soar at the idea that this period, however short it may be, is conducive to making money.

The time, the week, the month

This sector, although it is different from ordinary markets, experiences periods of low or high seasons. This is why an order can be influenced by these realities of high or low demands. Other than that, the time of service, less its length than the time it is wanted, matters a lot. A driver available during the day would therefore not have the same cost when he has to work at night.

On the other hand, a reservation for days during the week will be cheaper compared to a request made for the weekend. Indeed, the reason for the need impacts the fees, for the simple reason that in general the day rental is made for professional needs. This is not the case for the night service focused on a night trip, discreet business meetings, the movement of VIPs to places of a certain standard. In fact, it’s all in the requester’s strategy. There is therefore no standard price to be expected for such a service. Remember, however, that in general, the services of a personal driver cost on average between €40 and €70 per hour in France.