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What companies still have the paper gift certificates ?

Gift cards and certificates are very attractive to employees of a company. Thanks to these, they have the possibility of benefiting from many advantages. This allows the company to retain its employees or attract new talent. However, the attribution of these is subject to certain rules. Here’s what you need to know about the companies that grant them.


Wedoogift is one of the gift voucher specialists. Its offer is completely dematerialized, and it is specially formulated for companies and CSEs. Thanks to its services, Wedoogift intends to facilitate the management of the benefits granted to employees. Its gift vouchers and cards can be used on the internet or in a physical store.


Trademark of the SYNEDIS Group, Illicado is a 100% French company that owns and offers gift cards and vouchers. These can be used in many brands. In addition to this, they can be offered on multiple occasions: cultural and social activities, encouragement, thanks, appreciation of work performance, employees, customers, etc.

The particularity of its gift certificates is that they can be used in very large brands such as JouéClub, Auchan, Boulanger, Décathlon, Galeries Lafayette, Leroy Merlin, and many more.

Unibail Management

The “Unexpected Gift” Gift Card is a registered trademark of Unibail Management. It is usable and valid in restaurants, cinemas, restaurants and shops. Employees who own it can exchange it for real money (an amount varying between € 15 and € 250). It is practical because it allows you to benefit from good deals on many services and benefits.

Fnac Pro

La Fnac is a 100% French chain of stores. It specializes in the distribution of electronic equipment, cultural products, and small household appliances. These are accessible to the public. Thanks to its experience and the quality of the services that Fnac offers, it offers, with its partner France Billet, tailor-made gift cards and vouchers to its employees as well as to communities and their employees.


TOTAL is a private French oil and gas company. It offers its employees a Jubiléo gift card. This works for several services: in-store services and products, washing, fuel, etc.

The latter is convenient because it allows you to benefit from many advantages. It is valid throughout the Total network in France for a period of one year. Thanks to it, the Total group intends to perpetuate its relationships with its customers, prospects, and even its employees.


Amazon is an online commerce giant that has been able to offer an innovative and unique service. On the site, you can find all types of articles and products. As a bonus, the company has gift certificates. They are generally offered to reward collaborators, employees, members of the same team or to retain customers.

Overall, vouchers and gift cards are great solutions to improve working conditions for employees in a company. In addition, they allow companies that own them and which grant them to retain their employees and optimize their attractiveness.