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How to install mods on unturned server ?

You are a fan of the unturned survival game and want to install mods to optimize your gaming experience. In a post-apocalyptic context, installing mods on your unturned game allows you to make your way of playing more fun. How to install mods on your game in just a few steps?

How to install mods on unturned server in 3 steps?

To make your unturned game a lot more fun, it is imperative to modify it: hence download mods. Exempting the functionality of the game engine, downloading mods is convenient to change the characteristics of items, weapons, enemies, storyline, maps, gameplay, sound, etc.

Different from traditional games, installing mods on an unreturned server is a bit complex. It can be done in 3 steps.

Step 1: choosing mods

Here you will have to:

  • open Steam on your computer;
  • click on community then validate Workshop in the drop-down menu;
  • search then select Returns to the search drop-down list;
  • browse and click on the register button to validate the desired mod.

Step 2: Finding and Compressing the Mod

Once the file is downloaded, you will then:

  • access the C drive of your computer then look for the downloaded file in the Steam directory;
  • go to the directory / SteamApps / workshop / Content / 304930;
  • compress the desired folder to download.

Step 3: the file installs on the server

This part marks the very last step in the process.

  • Access the server control panel then open the file manager;
  • Open the Bundles folder then access the Workshop folder;
  • Select the folder that will host the files;
  • Download the files and then extract the Zip file;
  • Restart your machine.

The presence of the directories created on the server screen indicates that the download of your mods was successful. So, do yourself a favor and play unturned much easier.

Why do you have to install mods on your unturned server?

Unturned is playable on computers under Windows, Linux, macOS operating systems as well as on Xbox One, Xbox Series X game consoles and on the stable PlayStation.

Different from regular games, unturned has more fun features than usual if you install mods. Playing gives you the ability to be a real actor. Thanks to its editor and its Unity game engine, you can therefore create personalized maps as well as mods. With the ability to download game cards, you can also share your creations on the Steam Workshop.

Playable in single-player or with multiple players, the game involves collecting supplies, opting to build a base in order to protect one’s assets and protect oneself as a player from enemies. An apocalyptic game, unturned promotes access to virtual weapons and the use of vehicles. With a little more special touch-up, you will have to overcome challenges like attacking zombies.