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What is the best home insurance for student ?

Insurance is always included in a rental agreement, whether it is for a student’s home or for an individual. In such cases, it’s important to compare insurance offers to find the most affordable one. To do so, follow these tips.

What you should know before purchasing student home insurance?

Studying at a university implies that the student must leave home to live alone or with a roommate, near the place of study. Even if it is easy to find a place to rent, signing a rental contract requires a certificate of student home insurance. So, once you have found a new place to live, you should think about making sure that you have the necessary coverage by contacting a mutual insurance company. To learn more about the essential points to discuss with the company, read the following in full.

What kind of guarantee is it?

No dwelling is free from risk due to flood, fire or other natural disasters. For this reason, the owner requires that the tenant be insured by a mutual insurance company before renting his building. How can you protect yourself against these potential rental risks? By taking out student home insurance. For more information, here are the formulas proposed by physical insurance companies or those online. 

  • Coverage for rental risks such as water damage, fire, explosion or terrorist attacks;
  • Liability insurance to compensate for damage caused to third parties;
  • Optional guarantees to increase the level of protection of your assets;
  • Insurance for absences;
  • Additional insurance to cover the cost of repeating an academic year;
  • Insurance or legal protection against litigation.

home insurance student: How essential is it?

Home insurance is normally mandatory except for furnished housing. However, for empty apartments, seasonal rentals and second residences, the law requires the student to have home insurance. The same applies to shared apartments and university rooms. All these properties must be insured against damage or loss.

How to find the best deal?

Since you are renting a building, home insurance is required for all tenants according to law. However, the status of a student must be differentiated from the status of a worker, because he will not have the financial resources of the other. Therefore, in order to allow all students to foresee the rental risks, mutual insurance companies offer them a privileged rate.

Among other things, don’t hesitate to compare coverage offers with free online comparators. This will enable you to benefit from a better insurance at relatively lower costs.

Once you have selected the best offer, pay attention to the following points:

  • The company will ask you to provide additional information about the accommodation;
  • The supporting documents will have to be sent to the mutual insurance company;
  • The company will send a detailed quote according to your budget and in accordance with the information provided (condition of the home, number of occupants, surface area and number of rooms);
  • Ask for the essential information from the mutual insurance company before signing the quote;
  • Be satisfied with the level of protection chosen and the customer service of the mutual insurance company before signing your insurance contract.

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