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Should we call the police for a lost or stolen dog

Most dogs have become an integral part of an individual’s family and life, therefore their absence is severely felt. However, many people remain in a conundrum about what to do when their dogs go missing or are stolen. While some believe calling police for lost dogs is the best decision, others believe that it isn’t important. Should we call the police for a lost or stolen dog?

Calling police for lost or stolen dog: A good decision

Calling the cops when your dog gets lost is very important no matter how you see it. Here are some good reasons why cops should be notified:

Bring culprits to Book

This is important especially if your dogs are stolen. Theft of any kind is a serious offense that calls for the presence of law enforcement officers. You will have to file a police report with the closest post near your neighborhood.

Police are Familiar with Community and their pets

Most cops are conversant with people and pets which reside in their location. These officers also keep records of dogs that repeatedly run away from home, therefore reporting to the officers makes it easier to find.

Most people are out of ideas when they find a lost dog

Another cogent reason for calling police for a lost dog is many individuals don’t know what to do, the security officers will guide you on the next step to take because of the experience they have with missing pets.

Measures that could facilitate finding lost or stolen dog

Besides calling the police for the lost dog, dog owners could use the following steps to locate their pets:

Be Patience

Over 80% of lost dogs return to their owners within a week. This is particularly true for stray dogs who miss their way. With time, they will trace their way back home after some time. Dog owners should be patient before calling the police for the lost dog immediately.

Get a search dog to help

They are track and trained dogs that could help you find your lost or stolen dog quickly. You could ask around for these dogs and use them to track your missing dog before the trail gets cold.

Tell your neighbors

Immediately you notice your dog is missing or stolen, call your neighbors and community leaders. Let them know your dog cannot be found, and they should help you lookout for it.

Create a lost dog poster

To help your neighbors and friends, you will need to design a poster which will contain the following information:

  • Photo
  • Age
  • sex
  • Your contact details

This poster should come in bold fonts and should be distributed around your area.

Use Social media

Social media can go to places where human legs cannot go. Aside from calling the police for lost dog, you could send the poster online using Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and other social networks.

Talk to your local Animal centers

There are various animal shelters scattered across your location. Visit these centers and register a missing complaint with them. Most people being dogs they see astray to these rescue centers who can take care of them.

Call the microchip firm

For those who have chips in their dogs, they should immediately inform the chip companies to track down the exact location where the dog shows.

Calling police for lost dog is very important especially for those whose dogs are stolen, however, there are other essential measures dog owners can use to find their lost dog.