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How to run busy accounting software without dongle ?

The advent of accounting software allows companies to perform a variety of accounting jobs in record time. Performing this requires the constant use of a USB drive. This practice wastes time and has a disastrous effect on the productivity of the company. However, there are some little-known tricks that allow you to run accounting software without resorting to a USB stick every time.

Install a software tool and create an account

To run any accounting software without using a USB drive each time, you necessarily need a software tool. There are plenty of them on the market. Donglify is among the most efficient and easy to use. It offers the possibility of connecting to computers remotely without using a USB key. The solution it offers is compatible with both modern and classic versions of the Windows operating system.

To get started, you will need to download this software tool to your computer. To do this, make sure you have a sufficiently stable internet connection. You must also download it to the client’s computer or to a PC where you want to run your accounting software. It helps you create an account in order to secure your data. So fill in the panels he offers for this purpose.

Start Donglify software

When you have finished installing your software tool, you should start it on the server and client computers. To proceed securely with this start-up, log in to it using your username and password. These are the ones you used when creating your Donglify account. Then, make sure to start the software tool on the client computer. Stop for a moment, the time it takes for the startup to complete. Go on to the next phase which consists of making visible the key containing the accounting information on the server

Make the electronic key available on the server

In order to allow clients to remotely access the information on the key, it is important to make it visible on the server first. To do this, you must first connect the key to the server. Check on the screen that it is recognized by the server and then launch the Donglify software tool. At this point, left-click on the “Plus” icon. You notice a list of available devices on the screen. On it, select the option item next to the device on which you want to run the accounting software and click Share.

You will notice that the key can be shared by several clients at the same time. Indeed, there is the presence of the multiple connection icon. All you have to do is connect to the electronic key from the customer’s computer, and you’re done! Once the process is complete, you must disconnect the key entered the server and then cut the connection. The accounting software can now be run without a USB stick.

Ultimately, all of these tips are very useful for using accounting software without an electronic key.