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DNS servers: DDoS protection against cyber-attacks

DNS security is of vital importance today, since it ensures the accessibility of almost any connected service. However, it is also the prime target for data thieves and hackers, whose malicious attacks may cause dramatic problems to a business- including loss of business, applications downtime and intellectual property theft. Fortunately, you can provide your DNS with DDoS protection.

Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS): definition and risks involved

DNS attacks are particularly dangerous because they may have detrimental consequences for the company- including critical company and customer data theft. These sophisticated attacks can also interrupt business continuity and damage brand reputation. The underestimation of DNS services’ key role is a real advantage for hackers. Indeed, many businesses- from any business sector- have already been targeted several times by DNS attacks.

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is a malicious attempt to make an online service or network temporarily unavailable. In order to do so, attackers gain control over multiple compromised networks (online machines, computers, IoT devices, etc.) to overwhelm a single system with a flood of internet traffic. All these devices are infected with malware and form what is commonly called a botnet.

With a DDoS attack, the server is overflowed by a number of IP addresses requesting access to different applications or services at the same time, resulting in a denial-of-service. They come in many different forms, including volumetric attacks, fragmentation attacks, or application attacks.

If you want to know more about these impending threats, you should definitely type “DNS DDoS protection” on your search engine and have a look at the risks involved as well as the solutions available to protect your network. But keep in mind that traditional security systems-including next generation firewalls- are unable to prevent this type of threat.

DNS servers

DNS servers: effective DDoS protection and solutions tailored to your network

In order to defend yourself against these cyber attacks, you need the correct layer of defense that would help you monitor and analyse your real-time DNS traffic. Indeed, it is possible to provide your DNS with DDoS protection. Yet, it is important for IT administrators to understand the threats, the vulnerabilities and the risks involved with DDoS attacks. Some companies like EfficientIP have understood this problem.

You network should integrate a solution that fills the gaps left by traditional security systems by including a dynamic threat intelligence service filtering queries in order to quickly identify any suspicious device activity and prevent malware infection to spread across your network. Adopting an advanced DDoS protection would prevent common threats, starting with phishing campaigns and data exfiltration attempts. Before anything else, these efficient solutions must:

  • Automatically detect and thwart malicious attacks at the source or redirect queries;
  • Keep pace with the threat and its evolution;
  • Proactively prevent new attacks;
  • Immediately locate any infected device on your network and prevent other devices from being infected.

New technology solutions can protect your business against volumetric attacks and from both internal and external DNS threats. We would advise you to type keywords such as “DNS DDoS protection” on your search engine in order to know more about these threats and how to protect your system against them. Some of the most efficient solutions can even protect you against even the largest attacks on record and the cherry on the cake you can even request a free trial of these solutions!.